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Post-Conviction Unit

In 2022, CCPD created the Post-Conviction Unit. This unit serves clients, after conviction, in the following circumstances:


  1. Penal Code section 1172.6 felony murder/voluntary manslaughter resentencing;

  2. Penal Code sections 3051, 3051.1, and 4801 youthful offender and Franklin hearing;

  3. Penal Code section 1172.1 prosecution initiated resentencing and CDCR resentencing recommendations;

  4. Penal Code sections 1172.7 and 1172.7 illegal drug and prison prior resentencing;

  5. Penal Code section 1170.91 veteran’s resentencing;

  6. Penal Code sections 1473.7 and 1016.5 vacatur/immigration relief;

  7. Board of Parole Hearings preparation; and

  8. Conviction Integrity.

Our team includes attorneys, investigators, social workers, and administrative support providing holistic representation to those previously convicted and sentenced in Contra Costa County. 


If you have a prior Contra Costa County conviction and would like an assessment of eligibility in the above circumstances, please contact our office via email at

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Juvenile Justice



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