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CCPD’s staff consists of attorneys, investigators, legal assistants, paralegals, social workers, IT and clerical staff. We also have grant-funded positions in juvenile education advocacy, Prop 47 and misdemeanor early representation. We employ approximately 130 full time staff members.
58% of our attorneys are female, and 35% are people of color. About 45% of our attorneys handle a felony caseload, 15% handle misdemeanors, 10% handle juvenile delinquency proceedings, and the remaining 30% represent clients in specialty courts and assignments or mental health-related proceedings (competency, LPS, SVP, MDO).

Management Team

Ellen McDonnell
Ilean Baltonado
Brandon Banks
Betty Barker
Michelle Dawson
Elizabeth Harrigan
Jonathan Laba
Michael Lepie
Angelene Musawwir
Stephanie Stephanie

Attorney Directory

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