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Alternative to Supervision Program
A Program For Those Charged With Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Offenses

The Office of the Public Defender is working with the Alliance to End Abuse by offering the Alternative to Supervision (ATS) program for those charged with misdemeanor domestic violence offenses.

The ATS program will assist individuals with access to court ordered batterer intervention program (BIP) classes and community-based resources through case management To participate in this program, please fill out this form.  

Social workers will connect clients to county and community-based agencies for:​​

  • Substance use treatment

  • Mental health treatment

  • Case management

  • Employment assistance

This application is confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside our office without your permission.

To participate in this program, please fill out this form.  A Public Defender forensic social worker will contact you within three business days after receipt of your form. If you require further assistance, please email the ATS Program at

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