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CCPD recognizes the disparate impacts of the criminal justice system on immigrant communities.  We are one of only a handful of public defender offices to employ a full-time Deputy Public Defender Immigration Attorney.  Ali Saidi is our in-house immigration specialist and he is responsible for ensuring that our attorneys properly advise our non-citizen clients regarding the immigration consequences of the criminal charges against them and he assists in the preparation of defense strategies to mitigate any potentially adverse immigration consequences.  Mr. Saidi specializes in the intersection between immigration law and criminal law.  He also regularly provides expert assistance as well as continuing legal education trainings for public defender offices, community-based organizations, clinics, and bar associations throughout the Bay Area regarding representation of non-citizens in criminal proceedings.


Stand Together Contra Costa provides culturally competent, no-cost rapid response support, legal defense services and clinics, and immigrant rights education and training. This project is conducted in partnership with community-based organizations selected through a competitive process.  Stand Together Contra Costa advances due process for Contra Costa residents who are impacted by anti-immigrant policies and practices.


The mission of Stand Together Contra Costa is to ensure that all people in Contra Costa County, regardless of citizenship or immigration status, are afforded the rights established by the United States Constitution and are protected from actions or policies that result in disparate, discriminatory, or unlawful treatment.


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Immigration Law
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