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Juvenile Justice Attorney with client



CCPD’s Juvenile Defender Unit is a team of highly-trained attorneys and youth advocates who represent children who appear in juvenile delinquency court.

We provide zealous advocacy through a holistic approach to provide the best outcomes for youth, including evaluating criminal charges, conducting investigation, and exploring all defenses. We are committed to representing youth from arraignment through the termination of their probation and record sealing. We strive to ensure that youth impacted by the juvenile justice system
are given the opportunity to succeed in school, overcome the collateral consequences of delinquency adjudications, and successfully transition to adulthood.

Our juvenile team includes attorneys who specialize in representing youth in long-term placement (group homes) and long-term in-custody programs. Our youth advocates help youth access community services, re-enroll in school and provide mentorship and guidance. Our education attorney represents youth caught at the intersection between criminal justice and school pushout by representing our clients in school disciplinary hearings, Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings, and ensuring youth have access to a quality education. Our office also represents youth in extended foster care proceedings, even after they've completed probation, to ensure their successful transition to adulthood.

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