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Picture of a Social Worker.


The Social Work team is integral to CCPD's holistic defense mission. The team works with adult and juvenile clients charged with crimes, as well as clients in the State Hospital system. Social workers provide resources to address immediate needs and identify issues of concern that may have led to involvement in the criminal justice system.  They identify available social services in the community and connect CCPD's clients with those services.   
The Social Work team’s goal is to advocate for community based solutions as alternatives to custody, and to develop re-entry plans based on an assessment of clients' strengths and needs. Social workers communicate directly with clients and members of their support systems and gather relevant records. They prepare Social History reports that reflect clients' life experiences and identify alternatives to incarceration such as substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment or connection with re-entry case management programs throughout Contra Costa County. Social work staff coordinate resources through pre-release planning and collaborate with County mental health personnel, Probation, community based organizations and other community partners to link clients to relevant services when transitioning from custody to the community. 

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